Jun 06

24/7/365 Antimicrobial Textile Treatment Developer, dReiniger LLC, to Exhibit at APIC 2016 Company is introducing InvisiArmor® Medical Residual Hydrogen Peroxide™ Technology for Work Clothes

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina; Monday June 6, 2016 — dReiniger LLC, developer of renewable Residual Hydrogen Peroxide™ (RHP) treatments for healthcare textiles and surfaces, will be participating and exhibiting its InvisiArmor® Medical family of products at APIC 2016 in Booth number 307. The patented InvisiArmor Medical© RHP Textile Activator, Application Bottle, and tagging system is a breakthrough technology that prolongs the antimicrobial power of hydrogen peroxide on scrubs, lab coats and other healthcare work clothes and textiles. In addition, RHP, one of the most environmentally friendly and effective residual antimicrobials available today, can be applied easily, quickly and repeatedly at home, to any new or used washable work clothing. This enables workers to treat their own uniforms and continuously protect themselves, their patients, their families and the community.

InvisiArmor Medical products also offer a stewardship benefit. It is well-known that healthcare-acquired infections result in significant morbidity and mortality, and are often caused by antibiotic-resistant organisms such as MRSA, VRE and ESBL. InvisiArmor products inactivate microbes without contributing to antibiotic resistance. In addition, the by-products of the process are environmentally compatible. RHP provides highly effective residual antimicrobial activity for healthcare workers’ uniforms and work clothing while also contributing to a facility’s antimicrobial stewardship initiatives.

Eliminate work clothes as a fomite

Hospital textiles and healthcare worker clothing can serve as fomites (sources of microbial colonization). In spite of strict enforcement of protocols such as glove use, hand and surface hygiene, and removal of “unnecessary” items of healthcare worker clothing (neck ties and long sleeves, for example), the latest CDC HAI Progress Report ( indicates that “…more action is needed at every level of public health and health care to eliminate infections that commonly threaten hospital patients…”, and that “On any given day, approximately one in 25 US patients has at least one infection contracted during the course of their hospital care, demonstrating the need for improved infection control in US healthcare facilities.”

This new RHP formulation works by impregnating clothing with hydrogen peroxide that has been rendered residual – that is, resistant to degradation by washing and everyday use. Application of RHP has been shown, even after 20 launderings, to significantly reduce the viable biological load on clothing, including MRSA and other antibiotic-resistant organisms. Using a standard AATCC 100 test protocol, laboratory results have shown a Log 5 reduction (99.999%) of MRSA and other pathogens for up to 20 launderings.

“By reducing the active bioburden within their personal space, healthcare professionals can significantly reduce the risk of transmitting infection,” said Jeffrey Robinson, CEO of dReiniger. “They also enhance their facility’s antimicrobial stewardship and provide peace of mind for themselves, their patients, and the colleagues, families and friends who are exposed to their work clothes inside and outside the hospital setting. We look forward to meeting many APIC members at the conference and hope to establish relationships that allow us to help infection preventionists achieve their goals.”

About dReiniger LLC

dReiniger LLC researches, develops and sells proven infection-prevention products that reduce the risk of cross-contamination from high-touch textiles and surfaces in healthcare, fitness and other work environments. Intensive science and research supports every InvisiArmor® Medical formulation and technology, to assure antimicrobial efficacy and practical use.