About dReiniger LLC

Who we are

dReiniger, LLC (the company name literally means “the cleaner”) researches, develops and sells proven infection and odor-prevention products designed to reduce the risk of cross-contamination via high-touch textiles and surfaces in healthcare, sports and other at-risk environments. Intensive science and research supports every InvisiArmor® formulation and technology, to assure efficacy and practical use.

We want to help advance best practices in healthcare by providing superior persistent antimicrobial treatments. We are committed to offering environmentally sound, highly effective products that contribute to antimicrobial stewardship in healthcare and sports environments and in our communities. We apply intensive science and research, ethical standards, and professional passion to educate healthcare providers and the public, and to contribute meaningfully to the reduction of healthcare and community-acquired infections.


Why we are here

It’s time to change the healthcare work culture. A recent CDC report documented lower-than-expected infection reduction percentages for reported healthcare-acquired infection rates (http://www.cdc.gov/HAI/pdfs/progress-report/hai-progress-report.pdf). Improvement efforts must continue and new solutions must be developed. It’s no longer enough for healthcare professionals to start the day with clean clothing; they must prevent their clothing from becoming a fomite for contamination and colonization as they move through their workdays and interact with patients and colleagues. At the end of the day, they must avoid carrying potential contamination home where they can pass it to family and friends. We believe the future for healthcare textiles will involve providing residual antimicrobial protection and improving compliance to best infection prevention practices.

The same research and dedication has been applied to the InvisiArmor Sport products, which are designed to control germs and odor in athletic environments. Team uniforms and athletic gear are a well-known vector for bioburden and stubborn odors. The human body sheds cells and emits sweat daily, and workout clothing absorbs and retains this personal waste. Athletes now have a way to treat their clothes and achieve 24/7 control of germs and odor.