Harness the staying power of InvisiArmor® Medical RHP™
Textile Activator
plus the killing power of hydrogen peroxide.

Treat your scrubs, lab coats and work clothes every 20 launderings to help reduce
cross-contamination risks for you, your patients, your colleagues and your family and friends.

Did You know?

MRSA can live up to 56 days on clothing!

MRSA can cost $34,000 per patient.

Help Us Create a Cleaner, Safer Environment
Reduce the BioBurden in Your Personal Space

Residual Hydrogen Peroxide

kills 99.999% of MRSA on textiles for up to 20 launderings!

Lab Results

Benefits of InvisiArmor Treatments

KILLS 99.99% of GERMS

Proven to kill germs and bacteria on scrubs, clothes and textiles.


InvisiArmor® Medical Residual Hydrogen Peroxide™ Textile Activator enables hydrogen peroxide to bond with textiles and create a long-lasting shield of antimicrobial protection for up to 20 launderings.


With InvisiArmor® Medical RHP™ Textile Activator, Hydrogen Peroxide will stay bonded to textiles for
20 launderings.


InvisiArmor Medical technologies use environmentally sound chemistries that are non-toxic, non-irritating and non-sensitizing to the skin. Their byproducts are basic oxygen and water.

When used as directed, InvisiArmor products are safe to use at home, in laundry facilities, in hospitals, or wherever a new standard of “clean” for textiles is needed.

A new healthcare textile standard:

24/7 contamination prevention

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