Jun 06

24/7/365 Antimicrobial Textile Treatment Developer, dReiniger LLC, to Exhibit at APIC 2016 Company is introducing InvisiArmor® Medical Residual Hydrogen Peroxide™ Technology for Work Clothes

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina; Monday June 6, 2016 --- dReiniger LLC, developer of renewable Residual Hydrogen Peroxide™ (RHP) treatments for healthcare textiles and surfaces, will be participating and exhibiting its InvisiArmor® Medical family of products at APIC 2016 in Booth number 307. The patented InvisiArmor Medical© RHP Textile Activator, Application Bottle,... read more →
Mar 29

InvisiArmor® Medical Residual Hydrogen Peroxide™ Technology for Textiles New user-friendly, repeatable treatment helps reduce cross-contamination risk from healthcare work clothes

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina; Tuesday, March 29, 2016 --- dReiniger LLC announces the launch of its first family of infection prevention products for healthcare; the InvisiArmor Medical© Residual Hydrogen Peroxide™ Textile Activator, Application Bottle, and tagging system. This newly patented formulation and application process for textiles is a breakthrough technology that... read more →