As we receive questions, we will share the answers on this page for easy access by everyone.

What can I treat with Residual Hydrogen Peroxide?

Any clothing item that is machine washable can be treated. For optimal protection the Residual Hydrogen Peroxide must dampen the entire textile surface. We will continue to test textiles and add to the list as we confirm compatibility.

Why Hydrogen Peroxide?

Hydrogen Peroxide is arguably the most eco-friendly, effective antimicrobial today. Its ability to kill some of the most dangerous germs and viruses exceeds most other antimicrobials.


Does this treatment make fabrics liquid-repellant?

It does not. The purpose of Residual Hydrogen Peroxide is to continually kill organisms on textiles. Repellency would allow fluids to bounce off, but would not kill organisms.

How do I keep track of how many launderings I’ve completed for each garment?

You will attach a special tag to each garment after treatment that allows you to mark the tag with a permanent marker each time you wash the item. When all the circles are filled, it’s time to retreat the item and attach a new tag.

Are these products FDA or EPA cleared?

FDA clearance is not required for InvisiArmor Medical RHP Textile Activator and Application Bottle, since they do not contain the antimicrobial agent (hydrogen peroxide). However, EPA has registered the use of 50% hydrogen peroxide  to allow antimicrobial claims for treated articles.