Tips & Best Practices

Average Garment Weights

The InvisiArmor® Medical RHP™ Textile Activator and Application Bottle are designed to thoroughly dampen up to two (2) lbs. (900 grams) of clothing per batch of Residual Hydrogen Peroxide. This is approximately equivalent to one set of size XL scrubs. Here are the average weights of clothing items to use as a guide for treatment.* We will continue to test textiles and add to the list as we confirm compatibility.


Item Weight Batches** of RHP
Set of scrubs, (XL) pants and (XL) top 2 lbs. (900 gm) 1
Lab coat (XL) 2 lbs. (900 gm) 1


*Weights are approximate and may vary by manufacturer.

** One batch equals 1 bottle of Textile Activator plus 16 oz. of hydrogen peroxide.


If your garments are wrinkled after hanging dry, simply place them in the dryer on the lowest heat setting for a few minutes to fluff out the wrinkles.

Where to apply InvisiArmor Laundry Tags

Remove tag from backing and place on the existing garment tag, or at the back of the neck on the screen-printed label. Press firmly and rub the entire tag to adhere it well.

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