Jul 01

InvisiArmor® SPORT Launches New Residual Hydrogen Peroxide™ Treatment at the Martial Arts Supershow New renewable treatment kills germs and controls odor on martial arts gis and other athletic gear

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina; Friday, July 1, 2016 — dReiniger, LLC announces its first germ and odor control products for athletes; the InvisiArmor SPORT Residual Hydrogen Peroxide™ Textile Activator and Starter Kit. The new products will be launched at the 2016 Martial Arts Supershow in Las Vegas, Nevada, July 5 through 7. This patented formulation for textiles will allow athletes to apply 24/7 antimicrobial activity to their martial arts gis and athletic uniforms. The RHP formulation, with agents proven to be highly effective and environmentally compatible, can be applied quickly and easily at home, as often as needed, which enables athletes to reduce the bacterial load and odor on their uniforms indefinitely.


The InvisiArmor SPORT line has been designed specifically to help mitigate the daily exposure to infectious bacteria and control odor on the textiles athletes wear during workouts. The process involves combining InvisiArmor SPORT Textile Activator with a bottle of 3% hydrogen peroxide (readily available in the community for home use) to make Residual Hydrogen Peroxide™ (RHP). Once applied to clothing according to the instructions, RHP remains effective for 20 launderings.


Each day, humans shed up to 500 million skin cells and secrete about one liter of sweat. Although sweat itself doesn’t have a strong smell, the bacteria living on human skin survives by breaking down sweat and skin cells, which creates a smelly substance. Staphylococcus epidermidis bacteria, one such skin bacterium, breaks down amino acids in sweat and creates a “stinky cheese” smell that makes uniforms smell unpleasant. Apocrine sweat, found near genitals, breasts, and underarms, produces the worst smells when broken down. All of these substances are absorbed by gis and workout clothing that is worn during exercise. In addition, textiles are a known fomite (host and colonizer) for bacteria, and some bacteria can live on textiles for a month or more.


This new RHP formulation works by impregnating clothing with hydrogen peroxide that has been rendered residual – that is resistant to degradation by washing and everyday use. Hydrogen peroxide is a proven antimicrobial agent, and at 3% concentration, it is safe for contact with skin. It degrades into water and oxygen after disposal, making it environmentally friendly as well. In addition, application of RHP has been shown, even after 20 hot water launderings, to significantly reduce the viable biological load on clothing, including MRSA and other antibiotic-resistant organisms.


About dReiniger LLC

dReiniger, LLC researches, develops and sells proven infection-prevention products that reduce the risk of cross-contamination from high-touch textiles and surfaces in healthcare, fitness and other work environments. Intensive science and research supports every InvisiArmor® Medical formulation and technology, to assure antimicrobial efficacy and practical use.