Dec 26

InvisiArmor® SPORT Launches Reformulated Lasting Treatment for Athletic Gear

Newest renewable treatment offers the same lasting benefits, plus easier home application

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina; Tuesday, December 27, 2016 — dReiniger, LLC announces the launch of its reformulated and improved InvisiArmor Sport products. The InvisiArmor SPORT Residual Hydrogen Peroxide™ Lasting DE-Stink Treatment and Starter Kit offer a new, single-use bottle, a new sprayer attachment that provides two ways to apply the treatment, and a new triple-action formula that kills germs, captures odors, and leaves a fresh, pleasant scent on textiles and gear.

InvisiArmor Sport treatment is specifically designed to address the body chemistry and bacteria that cause a permanent stink in clothing and gear used for running, soccer, hockey, football, baseball, martial arts, gym workouts, hiking, and any other high-energy sports that produce sweat. Designed for safe and repeatable home use, and safe for athletes of all ages, it can be applied as often as needed to clothing and sports gear such as shoulder pads, shin guards, shoes, athletic bags and other gear. Once the treatment is applied and allowed to dry, the odor-capturing, germ-killing effects last 24/7, between and after laundering/washing.

“The original InvisiArmor Sport formulation, which we launched at the 2016 Martial Arts Supershow in Las Vegas, Nevada in July 2016, has been enhanced in several ways,” said Jeff Robinson, president of dReiniger LLC, InvisiArmor Sport’s parent company. “We saw an opportunity to make the Sport home application process even more user-friendly, so we created a single-use dose, like our InvisiArmor Medical product, to eliminate the need to measure each batch. We also enhanced the applicator bottle by adding a wide-range easy-action soaker sprayer, to give users two ways to apply the treatment. And, while we were at it, we heard from moms that a fresh scent makes the gear more pleasant to be around, so we added that to the formulation, too.”

Each day, humans shed up to 500 million skin cells and secrete about one liter of sweat. Although sweat itself doesn’t have a strong smell, the bacteria living on human skin break down sweat and skin cells, which creates smelly substances that are absorbed by clothing and gear that’s worn during exercise. In addition, textiles are a known fomite (host and colonizer) for bacteria, and some bacteria can live on textiles for a month or more.

InvisiArmor Sport treatment offers financial and aesthetic benefits to users that go beyond the lasting 24/7 germ kill, odor control and fresh scent:

  • Treatment can extend the useful life of the users’ athletic clothing by increasing the number of potential wearings between launderings. Reducing the frequency of laundering can reduce fiber breakdown and prolong the integrity of textiles.
  • It can reduce the cost and frequency of replacement, since clothing and gear with a permanent stink is often disposed of and new items are purchased.
  • It can enable more economical athletic clothing purchases, since less expensive untreated items can be purchased and treated at home indefinitely.
  • It will improve the home environment, since treated clothing and gear stored at home will not emit a stink in the house and will continue to kill microbes on these soft surfaces.

The patented InvisiArmor Sport Lasting DE-Stink Treatment can be applied quickly and easily at home, for the full useful life of the clothing and gear. The formulation works by impregnating clothing with hydrogen peroxide, odor-capturing and lasting scent technologies that have been made residual (resistant to degradation by washing and everyday use). Hydrogen peroxide is a proven antimicrobial agent, and at 3% concentration, it is safe for contact with skin. It degrades into water and oxygen after disposal, making it environmentally friendly as well. In addition, application of Residual Hydrogen Peroxide has been shown, even after 20 hot water launderings, to significantly reduce the viable biological load on clothing, including antibiotic-resistant organisms.