InvisiArmor® Sport Lasting DE-Stink Treatment

Kills Bacteria – Captures Odor – Long Lasting Fresh Scent

De-Stink Your


Sports Gear





Any Clothing or Gear!

Why InvisiArmor SPORT?

1. Stay FRESH DURING & AFTER your work out — Stay CONFIDENT when you still hang with Friends

2. Wear Your WorkOut Clothes Multiple times WITHOUT washing — clothes last longer — Awesome for Traveling Athletes!

3. TREATMENT Lasts for 20 Launderings for Clothing

4. You will find NO BETTER solution in the Market Place — GUARANTEED!

5. USE InvisiArmor SPORT with 3% Hydrogen Peroxide to Make Your Clothes & Gear ANTIMICROBIAL TODAY!

US Patent 8,926,999


We bought this for our boys who play lacrosse. It worked awesome! We treated the lacrosse bags and they used to just hit you with the he stink, now they really don't smell at all! Treated their jerseys and they can actually wear them 2-3 times, which normally was impossible! Highly recommend! Awesome 👍- Brad
Amazing stuff! 4 kids, 2 of which compete in sweaty sports like soccer. I treated their cleats and shin guards and the sweaty car smell is no more. I also treated my running shoes and workout gear. Works thru multiple washes. I know longer fear the teenage sports boy smell. Now just to get all their friends to use it.-
Before I started using InvisiArmor SPORT, I would return from runs and my wife and kids use to tell me to get to the shower because I stink. Now my InvisiArmor SPORT treated clothes still smell fresh as daisies after long, hard runs. I even wear my clothes several times without washing, because they no longer stink after workouts. Amazing Product!!!- J. Robinson
Purchased this product last year for my triathlon workout gear. Truely keeps the stink away. It's been several months since my last treatment and still going strong.-
Works amazingly well! No more unpleasant smells in our workout hamper or in our closet.-



Make your clothes and gear antimicrobial today!
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